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because obviously


because obviously

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Beautiful lines

Beautiful lines

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Allan Alexander Wade

“There’s nothing in life I can’t do” proclaims Allan Wade. Born in Harlem and raised in Philadelphia, Allan is a self-taught producer, vocalist and All-American track and field star. Attending Overbrook High School [home to Will Smith, Wilt “the Stilt” Chamberlin and 100m World Champion, John Drummond] in Philadelphia, he was determined to make his mark in society. Throughout high school, Allan focused on track and field, but loved to sing. It was during high school Allan realized that singing was more than just a “hobby.” Playing the keyboard and becoming part of a local group, he began to take music seriously. Spending time at Philly International Records and participating in local Open Mic performances, Philly began to take notice. It was at this time, he invested time and money into his craft with one goal: Make music that will affect change in people. Sigma Sound Studio in Downtown Philadelphia soon became a second home for the young rising star.

This may sound like the average “rising star story,” but it isn’t. Allan graduated from high school, attended Cheney University and began performing all while raising his son as a single father. With the help of his family, Allan was able to remain focused on being a good role model and continue to pursue his dream of being a recording artist. However, Allan’s motto is to see every setback as an opportunity for a fresh start. As Allan began to grow and mature, so did his outlook on the music industry. It was at this time, he realized that he loved to produce as well as perform and decided to invest in production equipment. However, as a single father, Allan also realized that he had to provide a safe, secure environment for his son.

After working in a few different fields, Allan began working for Amtrak and was quickly promoted to Conductor. With a solid foundation for his son, Allan was also able to fund his passion. Never abandoning music, he soon caught the attention of many industry professionals. Performing on a local television show, Philly Unplugged, Allan’s first full live performance in Center City allowed him access to a segment of the industry not usually accessible to local artists. It was at this point Allan was ready to share his music with the world and began production on his first solo cd. After hustling to sell his cd and sparking local and international interest, Allan began to work with producers across the world, including Izms and Lopes in Norway. 

And this is just the beginning for the twenty-something year old father, Amtrak Conductor and Naval Reservist. There is so much more to this young artist and it’s his goal to continue the tradition of music as an expression of romance and love. Counting The Isley Brothers, Mint Condition and Boys II Men as inspiration, Allan wants to share his music as a way of touching the soul of his audience. And judging from the initial response to his cd, Allan has succeeded.



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I’m giving this BRAND NEW IPAD 2 AWAY!

This isn’t a scam or anything like that.

I’ll pay shipping and handling no matter where in the world you live!

For my birthday, I got one from my mom and also one from my aunt. Since I had no use in keeping both, I decided to give away one because I love all my followers and want to thank them.

I’ll choose the winner with a random generator on October 21! So hurry and reblog this!

Don’t believe me?

Here’s a picture: 

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Roberto Cavalli - Spring 2012

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Honeycrisp Apple Sangria


Honeycrisp Apple Sangria

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